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Complaints Policy

Our clients value our highly personal and ethical approach to credit management. We are recognised for the care with which we manage our clients' brands and they are protected by our commitment to carrying out our activities with the highest level of quality and compliance. Our clients comply with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requirements for the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and Treating Customers Fairly initiative (TCF) and Apex Credit Management’s complaints procedures reflect these principles.

A complaint is 'Any expression of dissatisfaction, whether oral or written, and whether justified or not, from or on behalf of an eligible complainant about the firm's provision of, or failure to provide, a financial service'. The person does not have to put their complaint in writing. As long as we have obtained all relevant information in the telephone call, this is sufficient for us to register the complaint.

At Apex Credit Management, complaints are seen not only as an opportunity to correct and reflect on our mistakes, but also as an opportunity to drive out actions that enable us to constantly evolve our Apex values, ensuring that our processes are robust and current and that we are consistently delivering customer service excellence.

To download our Complaints Leaflet, please click here.