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As a champion for best practice, for ethical credit management and as an advocate for the use of emerging technologies and traditional personal service, Apex publishes regular news stories on the sector and frequently talks at major industry events.

A selection of recent articles can be found here or for press comment, please contact us at where all requests will be swiftly channelled to the appropriate person.

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How Can the Industry Use Modern Communications?

Communications was the key issue up for discussion as CCR, and sponsors VoiceSage, brought together key figures from the industry at a round-table debate last month. They were Neil Clyne, group chief executive officer, Cabot Credit Management (NC); Bill Flynn, general counsel, Capquest (BF); Simon Rawlings, head of collections, TalkTalk (SR); Steve Daws, UK compliance & business support director, Aktiv Kapital (SD); Jannie Vermeulen, head of credit risk, Capital Home Loans (JV); Steve Grima, operations director, dlc (SG); Mark Webb, managing director, Advantis Credit (MW); Dicky Davies, business development director, Lowell Group (DD); Ivan Lawrence, executive director, Marlin Financial Group (IL); Viv D’Souza, director – UK AR centre of excellence – EMEA, Huawei (VDS); Adam Wonnacott, director, Burlington Group (AW); Simon Hanlon, Kensington head of customer and asset management, Investec Bank (SH); Graham Brierton, chief technology officer, VoiceSage (GB); and Mark Oppermann, sales director, VoiceSage (MO).

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Dealing with customers suffering Mental Health Conditions

We all know and understand the links between debt and mental health and by now, most people are aware of the startling statistics, such as the percentage of Debt Collection Agency customers that display signs of a mental health condition. In the evolving regulatory landscape of the industry, the fair treatment of customers is central to all operations and dealing with customers with mental health conditions is becoming the norm.

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The Special Relationship

Encore Capital’s acquisition of Cabot Credit Management marks the entry of a significant US player to the UK debt purchase market. Cabot’s chief executive, Neil Clyne, assesses the deal

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Tracing – carving the right path ahead

Tracing – carving the right path ahead. By Jamie McGrath, Head of Trace, for Apex Discovery Solutions, which is now part of the Cabot Credit Management Group, gives an insight into the world of tracing and the challenges ahead.

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Embracing Change: The Time is Now

The UK financial services market is currently witnessing a huge regulatory shake-up, so what can your company do to prepare itself for such a major shift? By Willem Wellinghoff

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