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Apex Credit Management A Sunday Times Top 100 Business to Work For

On 24 February the Sunday Times List of the Top 100 Companies to Work For listed a new entry for Apex Credit Management. Apex entered this well respected index at No 53, an achievement that delighted the whole team.

Being a ”Top Business” goes beyond the bottom line. It's about excelling in every area throughout the organisation and being committed to its most important assets - its workforce.  Focusing on employees brings real benefits such as improved workplace engagement and performance, better staff retention and stronger financial performance.  For 2011, the report took into consideration the views of more than 275,000 employees from 1165 organisations.

CEO Neil Clyne is proud of the recognition that reflects an enlightened working environment, where staff feel fully engaged, noting; “Across Apex everyone has worked hard to make this the type of business that they are proud to work for.  The engagement of everyone is central to our success, and this is far more than just words.  We have strived to create a culture of success, where everyone has a part to play, and where everyone feels valued for their contribution”.

Key highlights from the report which uses independent researchers to assess the views of a significant sample of the 300+ team members included:

  • Being ranked second among the top 100 companies for staff believing that their company puts a lot back into the local community (78%)
  • Staff believing people go out of their way to help them (81%)
  • Having a strong sense of family in their team (76%).
  • The belief that their job is fun (84%)
  • The belief that people care for one another (82%)
  • Long-term job security (79%)
  • Employees not feeling worried for their organisation's future (75%, ranking seventh best)
  • People not being under so much pressure that they can't concentrate (76%)
  • Few people having had stress-related symptoms because of the job (78%)
  • Managers taking an active interest in the well-being of staff (79%)

Becky King who is Head of HR and Learning & Development concluded: “I’m so pleased with what the whole team has achieved. Managing debt has all the potential to be very stressful, particularly in the current climate, yet we have established an environment where people are proud of their work, their team and the business in which we all work.  We continue to work hard to foster this team spirit and maintain the momentum that has seen us achieve this wonderful recognition”.

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