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Apex Credit Management win Customer Contact Innovation Award for Integrated Outbound

Apex Credit Management's market leading expertise in outbound telephone activities has been recognised by the Professional Planning Forum, which awarded the business their Customer Contact Innovation Award for Integrated Outbound at their 11th Anniversary Conference in Birmingham on 13 April.

The awards ceremony celebrates the achievements of the UK contact centre industry, profiling those innovators that are transforming the experience of customers and employees and offering a benchmark of excellence within the industry.

The Customer Contact Innovation Award for Integrated Outbound was presented to Apex Credit Management acknowledging the outstanding success achieved by the Apex outbound planning team.

The business' use of SAS and speech analytics have  transformed debt collection strategies and data segmentation within the business, increasing cash collected per agent hour by 30% and liquidations by 20%, creating new industry standards.

Apex' success is a combination of high calibre people, processes, technology and motivation, which form part of the Apex 'Cascade' model.   Cascade creates dynamic multichannel contact strategies which optimise debt collection based on the latest available data.  Alongside this, Nexidia speech analytics has enabled an increased focus on coaching and freed up an average of 30 hours per month for each team manager.

In combination, smart integration and a rigorous, continuous improvement methodology have driven cash collected per agent hour up by 30% and grown the amount of customers who promise to pay by 15%.

"We’ve nearly quadrupled throughput, but have only grown seats by 35%," explained Steve Mound, Chief Operating Officer.

"You can have the best analyst in the world, the best tool, even the best queries, but without the ability to cascade the learning to the agents, you can’t make it work.  It is that combination that is making a real difference," added Richard Furlong, Contact Strategy Manager.

Apex Credit Management was one of eight winners of prestigious innovation awards for outstanding initiatives that transformed their operations both within and beyond the contact centre.

"This is a fantastic achievement from the Apex Credit Management planning team,” says Paul Smedley, Executive Director of the Professional Planning Forum. "What connects all our award winners is the clear evidence that the organisations have listened to their agents and customers and have transformed their operations accordingly – they are now doing what the customers want. The impact on morale, the bottom line and customer satisfaction is huge."

On 30th June, Apex will open its doors through specially facilitated site visits as part of the Planning Forum's Best Practice programme, to share their insight and knowledge.

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