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Cabot Credit Management’s ‘Skills 4 Bills’ game receives pfeg Quality Mark

A financial game for children developed by Cabot Credit Management (CCM), a market leading acquirer and manager of consumer debt, has been awarded the pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) Quality Mark after being independently assessed by the UK’s leading financial education charity.

’Skills 4 Bills’, which has been rolled out to schools in Stratford-upon-Avon and Kent, is a fun and engaging game devised by CCM that aims to provide students with an insight to financial management and the consequences they may face should they find themselves in unsustainable debt.

Having now achieved the pfeg Quality Mark, the game is now available to all schools in the UK through the Skills 4 Bills website pfeg is the UK’s leading financial education charity and the most trusted, independent, provider of knowledge, support and resources for anyone teaching children and young people about money.

Neil Clyne, Group Chief Executive, Cabot Credit Management, said: “We are delighted that ‘Skills 4 Bills’ has been awarded the pfeg Quality Mark, designed to give teachers confidence that it is effective and suitable for use in schools nationwide. Our staff have worked hard to make this initiative a great success and truly deserve this recognition. We have been extremely pleased with the response and feedback we have received from schools we have visited to date.”

During the game the students are allocated a job with its corresponding salary and tax before choosing their lifestyle options including their mode of transport, accommodation and holidays. As in everyday life, some students receive bonuses whilst others face unexpected events which result in their overall costs escalating. They review their results and then visit all the stations a second time before finding out whether they are in profit or debt.

At the end of the session the students work together with the CCM team to discuss what lessons have been learnt, with a special emphasis on over-spending and falling into debt. The game, which is targeted at Year 5 and 6 pupils, lasts around one and half hours and can include up to 30 children.

Skills 4 Bills has successfully been rolled out at several schools including Shipston, St Gregory’s and Coleshill Heath primary schools in Warwickshire and  Lunsford primary school in Kent and will continue to be held once a month in schools across Kent and Stratford-upon -Avon over the next year.

This initiative forms part of CCM’s corporate and social responsibility policy which supports its staff working on voluntary projects within the community. Currently staff from Cabot Financial are also spending one day a month working with the RSPCA in Kent and Apex Credit Management are spending a day with the Dogs Trust in Stratford Upon Avon.

For further information about ‘Skills 4 Bills’, please visit or contact the community team via email

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