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In visiting this site we hope that you will recognise the importance we place on our people. We aim to be an ‘employer of choice’, providing a good working environment where people from all backgrounds can succeed. We seek to offer flexibility, training, good rewards, the opportunities for recognition and development and a place where people can really enjoy their work.

Meet some of the team members and find out what they do and how they came to join us.



Position – Collections Manager
Time at Apex – 9½ Years

“I must like it here because I’ve been here almost since the start of the business! Apex has been a great place to work over the years and I’m looking forward to the changes the merger will bring as this represents another milestone in our growth."  Read More...



Position - Telephone Negotiator
Time at Apex - 2 Years

“I had been in the catering industry for over 20 years, working in or running hotels both throughout Stratford Upon Avon and the rest of the UK, before coming to Apex. After so long I was looking for a career change due to the unreliability of shifts and being called out at all hours! I was still looking for a role with customer interaction, which was one of the appeals of Apex."  Read More...


Position – Telephone Negotiator
Time at Apex – 6½ Years

“Before I came to Apex I was an Estate Agent, which was my dream job. I came to Apex as a stop gap really as the money was better, but I am still here nearly 7 years later!"  Read More...



Position – Team Manager
Time at Apex - 3½ years

“Before I came to Apex I had previously worked at Woolworths. Initially this was part time whilst I was studying, however when I finished University it was easy for me to fall back on this so I then went full time. After five years I wanted a career change into a role with prospects which brought me to Apex. " Read More...



Position – Client Director
Time at Apex – 4½ Years

Having left university I worked in the hospitality industry prior to joining Apex. I actually worked in a bar near Apex’s offices and got to meet some of the people in the business. After leaving university I wanted to work in corporate banking, but with no experience, it was difficult to find an opportunity. Having heard good things about Apex at the bar, I researched the business and thought this might be an opportunity to get into the financial services sector through a different route. "  Read More...